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  • It’d probably be better for both of us if I just gave up, but I’m selfish and don’t feel like saying I gave up anymore times in my life.

  • also inktober is here and I totally forgot it was a thing, guess i gotta draw some stuff

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  • it’s spookvilles all up in this bitch

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  • Halfway through Blue Exorcist.
    I like most of the characters, voice acting is pretty good, it progresses well and has a nice balance of humor and dark stuff, I always dig stuff that uses judeo Christian themes. The art style is alright, the demons are all designed with their own personalities so far so that’s a plus. Animation isn’t bad, script is enjoyable. It has some parts where it boldly makes jokes about tropes it is using, that’s always great, kill la kill does that a lot. It’s charming and lighthearted but it can get pretty serious, a lot of the backstory parts are stellar. It’s like a strong 7.5/10 maybe an 8 right now.

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